Special Events Coverage: Insurance for Weddings and Mexican Vacations

Special Event Insurance for San Diego weddings and Mexico Vacations

Special Events Coverage: Insurance for Weddings and Special Events

Surely you know the importance of having good San Diego auto insurance, San Diego home insurance and San Diego life insurance policies in place, but did you know that there are some special events that you should have insurance coverage for as well? Weddings, for instance.

Wedding Insurance

A wedding is quite an investment for most of us, a big investment. Did you know that the average wedding in 2012 ran up a bill of around $26,000? And that figure doesn’t include the honeymoon. So, while you are probably very determined to make sure your wedding is well-planned and problem free, wedding insurance is a very good idea, just in case things don’t work out quite the way you expect.

Even the best planned wedding can go awry, since there are many things in life that none of us can control. Perhaps you’ve planned to the very last detail and double and triple checked each one of those details. What could go wrong with all that diligence? Well, there are a lot of people involved with your event, so you just never know. Perhaps your caterer will go out of business three days before the wedding or your reception hall will have a plumbing disaster, leaving you out in the cold.

A good wedding insurance policy covers you for cancellation or postponement of your event, as well as things like wedding photos and video, special jewelry, wedding gifts, lost deposits and additional expenses. You can get liability insurance for your event, as well as liquor liability coverage, which is a smart move if you will be serving alcohol. Hopefully you won’t need it, but for as little as $260, isn’t it worth having just for your peace of mind?


So now you know, you need special coverage for some special events. If you have any questions about wedding insurance, feel free to get in touch with us, we’re always happy to help. And, of course, we’ll be happy to help you sort through those everyday insurance needs too, like San Diego home insurance, San Diego life insurance or San Diego auto insurance.

Would you like to learn more about San Diego wedding insurance? Call McCormick Insurance Solutions today at (619) 276-0492. Someone is standing by right now to answer your questions.

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