San Diego Auto Insurance


McCormick Insurance in San Diego does 3 things VERY FAST: San Diego Auto Insurance, Home Insurance & Surety Bonds. We have low rates for San Diego Car Insurance and Home Insurance!

San Diego Home Insurance


Homeowners insurance, or home insurance, compensates you for losses to your home and your possessions inside it, so purchasing a San Diego homeowners policy from McCormick Insurance can help protect you and your assets.

San Diego Surety Bonds


McCormick Insurance in San Diego is your source for surety bonds of all types. We get a lot of requests these days for bids bonds, performance bonds, grading permit bonds and subdivision bonds.


Wayne McCormick Owner of McCormick Insurance

Kenneth “Wayne” McCormick, Jr., appreciates family life at home in San Diego. After all, he moved around a lot as a kid in a family of 7 and attended 14 different schools before he was 18.

“If I didn’t own my own insurance business, I would definitely be packing moving trucks for a living,” jokes Wayne, who usually makes himself scarce on the 15th and 30th of every month (just in case someone’s planning a move).

Despite being a mover and shaker today, Wayne had a slow start to his career.

“I had searched around for a home owners policy for an older house with a wood shake roof that was driving the premiums sky high. Some insurers wouldn’t even touch it. I had always enjoyed an ample discount through my employer’s discount with Met Life before I considered a home in San Diego.”


Wayne McCormick knows his insurance. I am new to San Diego and just bought a new car. I am 24 years old and drive a Chrysler 300…not exactly the easiest candidate to insure. I tried calling the major companies; Geico, Progressive, State Farm etc. and I simply couldn’t find a reasonable quote. I was referred to Wayne by a friend. I stopped by his office and was gone within 20 minutes, fully insured and with the best rate I had heard thus far. He’s always available to answer any questions and take care of anything that pops up. I definitely recommend Wayne to anybody who is looking for insurance!

Michael C.

“I was referred to Wayne by State Farm Insurance after making numerous calls to insurance companies and learning no one would insure me due to a 7 year old DUI. Just another lovely CA quirk. Wayne was very helpful in finding me coverage within my price range without losing the amenities I feel are necessary. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for insurance even if you don’t have a glitch, he is set up with every insurance company imaginable.”

Critical B