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Will Auto Insurance Cover Your Car if it is Stolen?

San Diego Auto Insurance and theft coverage Every 26 seconds a motor vehicle is stolen in the United States.  According to the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports, of all motor vehicles stolen, 73.9% were automobiles. The most popular cars for thieves are; 1996 Honda Accord, 1988 Honda Civic, 2006 Ford PU and 1999 Chevrolet PU. Your auto [...]

San Diego Homeowner’s Insurance Explained

We Help Lower San Diego Home Insurance Premiums Many people believe that they have little or no control over their homeowner’s insurance.  Often, people think that premiums are determined by some “secret formula.”  It is true that every company has rates for their homeowner’s premiums, but there are many factors that help make up your homeowner’s [...]

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Five Types of Insurance Every San Diego Homeowner Should Consider?

A San Diego Personal Insurance Update People buy insurance to protect their assets from loss.  Typically, that includes competitive homeowner’s insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, and a personal health policy.  However, there are other kinds of personal insurance that you may not have considered.  A balanced personal insurance program may consist of some of the following [...]

What Not To Do After An Accident

What Not To Do After An Accident A San Diego Auto Insurance Update Auto accidents are no fun.  They cause injury, damage, and a lot of stress.  However, the good news is that if you bought competitive San Diego auto insurance from our agency, you have the best possible combination of coverage, price, and service.  You [...]

March Madness For San Diego Insurance Buyers

A San Diego Insurance Review March is over and we spent the while month watching 64 college basketball teams play to the final four, then to the championship game.  Congratulations to North Carolina! The entire thing reminded us of some insurance madness. We thought we would share with you our “insurance madness final four.” These can [...]

How To Reduce Your San Diego Motorcycle Insurance Premiums

How To Reduce Your San Diego Motorcycle Insurance Premiums A San Diego Motorcycle Insurance Update Are you shopping for the right combination of coverage, price, and service for your competitive motorcycle insurance?  Look no longer, let us shop for you. We have access to a number of very competitive motorcycle insurance companies. There are several things [...]

How To Have A Safe Home

How To Have A Safe Home Home safety is very important to all homeowners. You want your home to be a place where family and friends can live and play without the risk of injury or accidents. You buy homeowner’s insurance to cover accidents and losses that may occur, and that is a good thing.  A [...]

Personal Umbrella Myths and Tips

Umbrella Insurance Myths and Tips Now may be the best time to consider a competitive personal umbrella insurance policy. We live in a very litigious society, even close friends and family member can sue you if they feel you have injured them. Are you prepared to invest thousands of dollars to defend yourself and even pay [...]

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You Can Control Your San Diego Homeowner’s Insurance Costs

San Diego Homeowners Insurance Update Many people think there is nothing they can do to control their cost of homeowner’s insurance.  Let us change your thinking. Everyone here at our agency works hard to find ways to keep our clients’ personal lines insurance as low as possible.  We understand how important having the right kind of [...]

What Does The “The Walking Dead” And San Diego Insurance Have In Common?

A San Diego Personal Insurance Update The AMC TV show, The Walking Dead has captured the interest of many of us.  It is one of the most popular shows on TV. While the chances of zombies roaming around an apocalyptic State of Georgia are remote, there are still many things we can learn from the show. [...]