Home Insurance Advice You Need

How To Protect Your Home And Reduce Your Premiums Homeowners insurance coverage can provide financial protection against loss due to disasters, theft and accidents and other covered losses. Most traditional homeowner’s insurance policies include essential types of coverage. Coverage for the structure Personal property Liability coverage Coverage for additional living expenses Coverage For The Structure Your [...]

Insurance Comes In Many Different Forms To Serve Different Needs

How to Get the Insurance Coverage You Need There are so many choices when it comes to competitive personal insurance in California.  Choices can include deciding what kind of personal insurance coverage you need, what limits to buy, and what deductibles are right for you.  We are able to help you manage the entire personal insurance [...]

San Diego Homeowner’s Insurance Explained

We Help Lower San Diego Home Insurance Premiums Many people believe that they have little or no control over their homeowner’s insurance.  Often, people think that premiums are determined by some “secret formula.”  It is true that every company has rates for their homeowner’s premiums, but there are many factors that help make up your homeowner’s [...]

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Summer Driving Safety Tips In San Diego

Summer Driving Safety Tips In San Diego San Diego Auto Insurance Update Summer has arrived and many people are hitting the road.  In the summer months driving time increases, so it is important to be a defensive driver.  In addition, in the summer, thousands of young, inexperienced drivers are on the roads, increasing the risk of [...]

Homeowners Insurance in San Diego, CA is a breeze with McCormick Insurance

Homeowners Insurance in San Diego, CA is a breeze with McCormick Insurance Solutions. Whether you are a first time home buyer, or long time homeowner who needs a current home insurance review, we can help you save money and add value as your agent. Here are 5 great reasons to call McCormick Insurance for your Home Insurance, [...]

Top 5 Driving Mistakes

Top 5 Driving Mistakes For many drivers, getting behind the wheel is second nature, so it's easy to make errors without realizing it. However, these errors can lead to serious accidents. Keep yourself and others safe on the road by avoiding these mistakes: 1. Tailgating Leave a three-second cushion between you and the vehicle in front [...]

Six Tips to Prevent Auto Accidents

Six Tips to Prevent Auto Accidents Risky driving behavior causes accidents. Be safe and avoid accidents by following these safe-driving tips: Watch Your Speed: It's easy to go too fast—especially when you are in a hurry. Remind yourself to slow down and keep it safe. Mirror, Mirror: Properly adjust all mirrors before starting your trip. It is [...]

San Diego’s Wildfire Season is Right Around the Corner – Are You Prepared?

We live in an area prone to wildfires.  Are you prepared? A surprising fact: wildfires can happen in almost every state. While wildfire strikes more frequently in the West, nearly every state has been devastated by fires in the last century. Each year hundreds of homes are destroyed as more people choose to live closer to nature.  [...]

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