The McCormick Insurance Agency Should Be Your Choice

As an insurance buyer, you have many options relating to how you buy your insurance. We hope to provide some interesting factors that we hope will help you in your quest for the best possible combination of coverage, price, and service. We need to start with a basic premise, that is, insurance is not just a [...]

San Diego Disaster insurance

A San Diego Personal Insurance Update Are you concerned about wildfires and other disasters that might destroy your home, car, and other personal property?  Many in California are exposed to earthquakes, landslides, floods, high winds, wildfires, and other disasters that cause considerable damage and loss.  While it may not be possible to stop wildfires and other [...]

McCormick Insurance Solutions Can Provide The Insurance You Need

A San Diego Personal Insurance Update Are you tired of insurance ads that make it sound like buying insurance is like filling your car with gas?  We are, and we can offer real solutions for you. Insurance can be complicated.  You need someone who is experienced, knowledgeable, and who will work on your behalf to make [...]

7 Deadly Sins Of San Diego Insurance Buying

Personal and business insurance buyers--don’t make these mistakes Everyone who buys San Diego insurance often runs into what we call the 7 deadly sins of buying insurance. These apply to both personal insurance and business insurance. Read these to see if you can relate to any of them. Your deductibles are too low. The lower the [...]

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General Liability Insurance For San Diego Business

General Liability Insurance For San Diego Business We understand all businesses are unique. Just because you are a small or medium sized business does not mean you are exempt from litigation. As a business owner, you have enough on your mind without having to worry about your San Diego business insurance needs. You want to have [...]

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When Do You Need Lessor’s Risk Insurance?

When Do You Need Lessor’s Risk Insurance? San Diego Lessor's Risk Insurance is designed to provide liability and property coverage for building owners who lease their buildings. This type of policy also provides liability and property coverage for San Diego building owners who occupy a specific percentage of their building and lease out the remainder of [...]

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San Diego Apartment Insurance

San Diego Apartment Insurance Owners and other property managers have a need for proper San Diego Apartment Insurance coverage. McCormick Insurance Solutions specializes in Apartments and Real-estate Insurance. On a recent policy we wrote with Mercury Insurance for a 106 unit apartment complex in San Diego, we beat State Farm's rate by 16% and offered $1,000,000 [...]

San Diego Commercial Auto Insurance

San Diego Commercial Auto Insurance Every business in San Diego that owns or operates a vehicle needs Commercial Auto Insurance. With McCormick Insurance Solutions, you can customize a Commercial Auto Insurance policy to fit your company’s specific needs. Ours can be designed so that your business auto risks are always protected. We offer Commercial Auto  (Business Auto [...]

Let’s Talk a Little About San Diego Commercial Insurance

Let’s Talk a Little About San Diego Commercial Insurance If you’ve been reading our blog consistently, you know that we offer San Diego Auto Insurance, San Diego Life Insurance, and San Diego Homeowners Insurance, but did you know that we also sell San Diego Commercial Insurance? If you’re a business owner in need of liability, general [...]