You Can Control Your San Diego Homeowner’s Insurance Costs

Many people think there is nothing they can do to control their cost of homeowner’s insurance.  Let us change your thinking. Everyone here at our agency works hard to find ways to keep our clients’ personal lines insurance as low as possible.  We understand how important having the right kind of homeowner’s insurance is.  We also understand that you want your claims covered and you want outstanding customer service.

Control Your San Diego Homeowners Insurance

  • Make necessary improvements to your roof, siding, and other structural areas. For example, if your roof is 75 years old, it may be time to replace it.  A new roof will reduce your premiums.
  • Limit the use of trampolines. Trampolines are responsible for a large percentage of household injuries.
  • Do you have a wood-burning fireplace or stove? These bad boys account for 36 percent of rural and residential home fires each year, according to the U.S. Fire Administration.
  • Keep your yard free of hazards that might cause injuries.
  • Do a bit of research before you get a dog. Some breeds cost more to insure. Dog bites account for one third of all homeowner’s liability claims.
  • Call Wayne McCormick CIC, of McCormick Insurance Solutions and let him shop the market for you.

For more than two decades, Wayne McCormick CIC, of McCormick Insurance Solutions has been serving the insurance needs of San Diegans who are looking for the right coverage for their auto, home, life, motorcycle, boat, RV and more.

Focused on getting to know you and your unique lifestyle needs, the “Insurance Sensei” Wayne McCormick will offer you and your loved ones: