QR Codes and Insurance – How We Do It

There’s a mix of opinions regarding the use and integration of QR Codes and Mobi Tags these days.

Some people feel the concept is too much hassle, some feel the idea is already antiquated, and some  still love the ability to connect with a company by scanning a code from a print medium like a business card, brochure or flyer with their smartphones.

We’ve chosen to use them in an unobtrusive way for the clients or prospects that want to connect with us via print to digital.

We are using a QR code and Mobi Tag on all of our print marketing pieces, ads, business cards and one of our exterior signs that is visible from a parking lot where a lot of people mingle and drink coffee in the morning.

What I’ve learned is that you want to be careful not to direct the link to a page that isn’t mobile-friendly. A common mistake people make with QR codes is linking them to a web page that is really long and results in a lot of scrolling on a smartphone – that is a hassle.

What we’ve done instead is created a sort of mobile/digital business card that fits perfectly on their smart phone screen – no scrolling necessary. The business card then has links that can be activated by touch. The links I chose:

* Our logo on the card links to the homepage of our website

* Our phone number naturally calls our office when touched

* My personal email

* A couple of email links – one for “Free Insurance Quote” and one for information about “Commercial Insurance

* Icon links to all of our social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but all of the links are in mobile format – again for ease of use and interactivity.

* An address link that goes to a Google Map with our location.

Here is a link to see what the digitized card looks like with functionality:

McCormick Insurance QR Code and Mobi Tag Digitized Card

I’ve had a great response from our clients about increasing our accessibility for them.

They like that their insurance broker is staying tech-current if you will – at least thay’s what I’ve heard so far.