Uninsured Motorist Coverage – A Tricky Question Answered

Uninsured Motorist Coverage – A Tricky Question Answered

I was asked this tricky question by a client this week while insuring her car:


If I have uninsured motorist coverage on my auto insurance policy, and I’m hurt while riding as a passenger in a friend’s uninsured vehicle, are my injuries covered if my friend is at fault in the accident?


Assuming two facts: (1) the driver and accident is in California and (2) the vehicle is a personal vehicle and not owned by a business then –

The answer is yes. The uninsured motorist coverage extends from the personal auto policy to cover a Named Insured when injured by another party who is uninsured. It does not matter whether the Named Insured is in a covered auto or not. If injured by an uninsured driver whether in an auto or as a pedestrian, the Named Insured is covered by their uninsured / underinsured motorist coverage.

Thanks for the great question B.

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