Presidents Day Auto Sales and New Auto Insurance Policies

Presidents Day Auto Sales and New Auto Insurance Policies

It’s still early, but reports from around the country are coming in and they look good. Auto sales appear to be up significantly from last year, a good sign the recession is finally over. Did you buy a new car this year? New cars mean new auto insurance policies. Have you shopped around to make sure you’re getting the best rate? You may have been happy with one carrier for a number of years, but did you know that insurance laws change every year, affecting premiums? You could be paying much more than you have to. McCormick Insurance can correct that for you.

Wayne McCormick can provide you multiple rate quotes from A+ rated car insurance carriers. Our current list of providers includes over forty national carriers including Travelers and Safeco, two of the most highly rated and affordable auto insurers in the United States. It’s important to field these quotes each year, even if you didn’t buy a new car on Presidents Day, because new regulations and the age of your vehicle make a difference in the amount of money you pay for auto insurance.

Do you consider yourself a good driver? Many of the car insurance carriers we do business with have good driver incentive programs in effect which can lower your premiums even further. Some drivers consider these programs restrictive, but if you can save an additional ten percent by driving the speed limit and slowing down when you see yellow lights (or blue), why not do it? These incentive programs include good student discounts and safe driver plans for underage motorists. Make sure you ask about these programs when you contact McCormick Insurance.

If you’re on the other end of the spectrum, a driver with a less than safe driving record, you’re going to end up paying a little more. You may have even been refused auto insurance in the past. If you have too many tickets, have had your license suspended or revoked, need SR22 coverage for a DUI, or have been in too many car accidents, you need to change your driving habits and recreational activities. Aside from that, we can insure you. Contact us today and learn more about high risk car insurance policies.

Auto insurance is a necessity. There’s no way around it. Auto insurance protects you, your passengers, your vehicle, your assets, and ensures that anyone you get in an accident with will be able to cover their repair and medical expenses. If you bought a new car this past Presidents Day make sure you have the right car insurance policy to cover it. Chances are you’ll be more careful when you drive it because it’s new and you just spent a lot of money on it, but what about other drivers? You can always get hit by someone else who isn’t such a good driver. Call McCormick Insurance today to make sure you’re covered if you do.

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