Time to review your San Diego Home Insurance Policy

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Time to review your San Diego Home Insurance Policy

Making sure that you’re covered should untoward events happen is important, as you surely know if you’ve taken care to purchase good San Diego home insurance, life insurance and auto insurance policies. An awful lot of people don’t think about these things until something bad happens, so you’re a step ahead of many of your friends, neighbors and co-workers. However, good protection doesn’t end with buying those policies, tucking them away in your fireproof box and paying the premiums every month. Life is full of changes, so reviewing those policies regularly is important too, ensuring that your coverage keeps up with your needs.

Your San Diego home insurance policy should be reviewed just before each renewal date and any time there are changes in your household that might make adjusting your coverage wise. Circumstances that merit a review of your policy include renovations, additions or upgrades that increase the value of your home, making more coverage necessary to protect your investment. Changes in family life can affect coverage as well. Perhaps your youngest has a new driver’s license or your eldest has just moved back home with wife and children in tow. Or, maybe you’ve taken up a new hobby or have started a home based business, bringing expensive equipment or supplies into the home. Sitting down with your insurance agent when things change can save you unpleasant surprises should you ever need to make a claim.

Ideally, your San Diego life insurance policy should be reviewed annually, making sure your coverage is adequate and the contact information for you and your beneficiaries is accurate. However, if you aren’t quite that diligent, you’re probably ok if you don’t let it go any longer than three years, as long as you haven’t had any major changes in your life. But if you’ve had some changes, such as a new baby, marriage or divorce, reviewing your life insurance coverage immediately is wise. Even if you review your policy once a year, such life-changing events merit a phone call to your agent right away to ensure good coverage between that change and your next regular review.

Review of your San Diego auto insurance policy is a task that should be done at each renewal. Between those regular reviews, any changes in your life, such as moving, marriage or divorce can make a review necessary, as can purchasing another vehicle or changes in your driving record. Reviewing your policy often is in your best interests. Your rates and the amount of coverage you need are influenced by a variety of factors, and changes in those factors, such as age, driving record or vehicle safety equipment, can save you money on your premiums. And, should the worst happen, ensuring that your policy is up to date will protect your bottom line.

If you haven’t reviewed your insurance policies in the last year or two, call your agent for an appointment. While leafing through page after page of insurance information might be tedious, it is one of the most important things you can do to make sure that you and your family are prepared for the worst, right up there on the list with buying those policies to begin with. To learn more, call us at McCormick Insurance Solutions today at (619) 276-0492. Someone is standing by right now to answer your questions.

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