Travel Safety Tips from your San Diego Auto Insurance Company

Travel Safety Tips from your San Diego Auto Insurance Company

Travel Safety Tips from your San Diego Auto Insurance Company

Are you planning on doing any traveling this fall? Looking to take a trip up the coast for the holiday season? This time of year is a great time for driving because all of the summer traffic is off the roads and the kids are back in school. Empty nesters are flying free and recent college graduates are traveling the world. Have you checked your auto insurance policy to make sure you’re covered if you drive over the border? Mexico has a whole different set of rules, you know.

Packing up and venturing down the empty highways, alone or in the company of a loved one, is an ambitious, exciting, and somewhat dangerous undertaking. You’ll want to make sure you take some precautions, beginning with a full vehicle check-up to make sure your car is going to make it through the trip. In our years as a San Diego auto insurance company we’ve seen dozens of incidents where a little preventative care could have saved a lot of headaches.

Don’t pick up any hitchhikers, no matter how cute or harmless they appear to be. In fact, if you see a hitchhiker, contact highway patrol and have the police do a check on them. They could need assistance or they could be up to no good. You just never know. On an empty road, you are most vulnerable when you’re pulled over. Don’t fall into that trap. You’ll also not want to end up hitchhiking yourself, so be sure to stop at the gas station before you run out of gas.

Keep a case of bottled water in your car and a cooler with some food in it. It’s best to have some snacks that don’t go bad, like nuts or chips, but bringing along fresh fruit can do wonders for you too, provided you eat it before it goes bad. Stay hydrated on those long trips and make sure you eat healthy. It’s very easy to get into that fast food rut where you’re living off drive-thru food. It only takes a few minutes to stop at the supermarket, and it’s a lot cheaper.

Bring plenty of warm clothes. Don’t rely on the car heater to keep you warm. You’ll waste gas and possibly burn out coils and gaskets. Your auto insurance policy won’t cover those repairs, even if you’re still in the San Diego city limits. If you’re out in the desert you’ll find that those seventy five degree days we’re enjoying quickly turn into frigid nights, great for seeing the stars but pretty uncomfortable if you’re not dressed properly.

These are just a few tips from your San Diego auto insurance provider to help you have a wonderful and safe trip this fall. If you have additional questions about travel coverage or would like to purchase a Mexico insurance policy, please contact McCormick Insurance Solutions today at (619) 276-0492.

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