Insurance Needs for Holiday Travelers

Insurance Needs for Holiday TravelersAre you traveling this Thanksgiving? You might want to take a few minutes before you go to review your insurance policies and potential needs. You’re going to be away for a while. Do you have homeowners insurance? You’re going to be driving, either your own car or a rental. Do you have the proper auto insurance coverage? Contact the car rental insurance agency in advance if you’re flying to another city or state. Their requirements may be different from those of your local car rental office.

There are four insurable entities you need to look at when you travel, either during the holidays or at any other time of year. They are your person, your home, your automobile, and your family. Are you covered for anything that might arise while you’re gallivanting around the country? Here at McCormick Insurance Solutions, we don’t sell health insurance, but we recommend you check yours before you embark on your voyage. The coverage you have here in San Diego may not be good elsewhere, especially if your trip is international.

We do sell life insurance. Morbid as it may sound, if you should meet with an untimely demise while traveling, will your family be compensated for your loss? Funerals are expensive, you know. Transporting you from the site of whatever accident or mishap has befallen you will add to that expense. You don’t want to leave your family holding the bag, do you? Be sure to see one of our agents about a term or whole life insurance policy before you board the plane.

Are you going to Mexico? Insurance works a little differently down there. Your San Diego auto insurance policy may not cover you for collisions or accidental damage. How much cash are you going to be traveling with? You don’t want to have to use it all for car repairs or to pay off the local magistrate. Invest in some Mexico insurance from McCormick Insurance Solutions and avoid the unnecessary expenses that many tourists incur when they don’t do their homework.

Most people like to travel. It’s one of the pleasures in life that we work for. A trip to a warmer and friendlier place, some skiing at Tahoe, a cross-country flight to New York or New England, all are fun and exciting ways to spend your vacation and holiday time. You’ll enjoy those trips more if you have the peace of mind that comes from being properly insured. Do you need an insurance evaluation? We’re happy to provide one for you. Come see us this week so you can travel with no worries next week. You can call too. Our number is 619-276-0492.


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