Don’t Let an Auto Accident be a Pain

Don’t Let an Auto Accident be a Pain

Automobile accidents happen every day. That is one reason you should have San Diego auto insurance through McCormick Insurance Solutions.  Although no one wants to experience an auto accident, knowing what to do in case one happens to you could soften the impact on your life in the days and weeks to follow. You purchase auto insurance to help you through accidents, if and when, they happen. Here are a few suggestions to help you:

At the Scene

  • The first priority is to check for injuries at the scene. Call for medical help if anyone at the scene is injured. Notify the police as soon as   possible.
  • Obtain the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all persons involved, including passengers and witnesses. It is a good idea to look at drivers licenses. Record the license plate numbers of all cars involved. Get complete Insurance information, including policy numbers. Having the agents name and number is also beneficial.
  • Never admit an accident was your fault, even if you think it was. An apology can be construed as an admission of fault. Let the authorities determine who was responsible. Auto accidents can be disorienting even if you are not physically injured. You may not be aware of all factors leading up to the crash.
  • Contact your insurance company as soon as possible, even if damages are minor.
  • In some cases you also must report the accident to the DVM.
  • You have the right take your car to the repair shop of your choice. It can be beneficial to get two quotes as pricing and quality vary.
  • Use your smart phone to take pictures before vehicles are moved. It provides documentation.

McCormick Insurance Solutions is here to help you with your Auto insurance needs. We have access to many insurance products and can provide you with competitive premiums. If you require California SR22 filings we can also help with these.

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