Why You Need A Personal Umbrella Policy

San Diego home, auto, motorcycle and other personal insurance policies are designed to protect your property and your personal liability if you are involved in an accident or some other situation where you may be held responsible.

San Diego Personal Umbrella

A personal umbrella is designed to provide added liability protection in the event your primary personal liability insurance policy limits are exhausted. In today’s litigious world, it is not that unthinkable to be sued and have a settlement for over $200,000 dollars. For example, here are the five most common homeowner’s claims.

  1. Dog bites
  2. Home accidents
  3. Falling trees
  4. Drunk guests
  5. Injured domestic workers (house cleaning services, yard maintenance, etc)

San Diego Auto Insurance

The largest claims come in the form of auto accidents. The average claim from an auto accident in 2013 was over $19,000 dollars. There were thousands of claims over $250,000 dollars, according to the National Safety Transportation Association.

You can add a personal umbrella policy to your home, auto, boat, motorcycle and ATV policies for a very low price. An umbrella policy for a home and two cars could cost less than $14 dollars a month for an additional $1 million dollars of coverage.

Call McCormick Insurance Solutions today to learn more and find out how we can increase your protection with an umbrella policy.

Read our blog post entitled “Umbrellas – They’re Not Just For Fruity Drinks” to see some examples of how an umbrella policy can benefit you and your family.



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