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Most cars are not designed for pets, but pets are often passengers in cars.  Remember, your personal auto policy will not cover injury to your family pet, so it is very important to make sure your pets are secured and safe while driving.

Your auto insurance needs to be based on your individual family needs. Some people may need more coverage if they have teen drivers or have a high net worth. Whether it is simple auto liability or full coverage, we have the solutions.


Pet And Auto Safety Tips

  1. Keep your pet off your lap while driving, it is not only a distraction, but unsafe for your pet.
  2. Never leave your pet locked in a car when it is hot outside.
  3. Be sure to take water with you for your pet. There are containers that are collapsible and spill proof.
  4. Mats and liners help protect carpets and make cleanup easier.
  5. Don’t allow you dog to put his/her face out the window.
  6. Get your pet geared up for a long trip by taking him on a series of short drives first.
  7. Keep your pets safe and secure in a well-ventilated crate or carrier.
  8. Another option is a safety harness; these have become very popular in recent years.
  9. For long trips, stop every couple of hours to let your pet take a break and have some water.

Some carmakers, including Subaru and Volvo, cater to animal lovers with special equipment packages.  These save you the trouble of locating components separately, can be included in your financing, and are covered by the manufacturer warranty.

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