What Is All The Fuss About Personal Insurance?

San Diego Personal Insurance

Insurance may be confusing to some people. But here are few interesting facts to get you thinking about your insurance program. Insurance can offer the right combination of pricing and coverage on your home, auto, and boat insurance. If anything these are great reasons to have us complete a review of your insurance program.

  • There were over 26,000 arson fires in the U.S. in 2017.
  • In 2017, 42,658 wildfires burned over 6 million acres in California, North Carolina, Oregon, Montana, Texas, Utah, and Arizona.
  • There were over 2,000,000 home burglaries in 2017.
  • 721,000 autos were stolen in 2017.
  • Identity theft claims increased over 18% in 2017.
  • According to the National Fire Protection Association, in 2017, on average, a fire department responded to a fire every 23 seconds in the United States.
  • Most homeowner’s insurance does not cover flood damage. Just a few inches of water from a flood can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage.
  • There were 3,020 distraction-affected fatal crashes in 2017. Turn off your phone!

Tips On How To Make Your Personal Insurance Better

General or Personal Items

  • Review my insurance to make sure I have the right coverage
  • Take the time to read my insurance policies
  • Does my independent agent have all my correct information, including a new phone number, address, and newly purchased property?
  • Make sure I have identity theft insurance
  • Do I have enough life insurance?
  • Do I need life insurance for my spouse?
  • Auto Insurance
  • Check my credit score
  • Consider increasing my auto deductibles on my older vehicles

Home Insurance

  • Get a quote for earthquake insurance
  • Combine my auto and home insurance to save money
  • Complete a home inventory to ensure my property values are correct
  • Consider purchasing or increasing my umbrella coverage

What Makes McCormick insurance Different?

We place your personal insurance with the right companies.  We understand that not all insurance companies are alike.  Some companies have great rates on motorcycles, while others offer competitive rates on homeowner or renter’s insurance.  We have many years of experience, which helps us know which insurers keep their promises.  If insurers stop keeping their promises, then we stop using them.  All our insurance companies have proven records of accomplishment of delivering on their promises.  That means they pay their claims promptly and with minimum problems.

Our staff is licensed and trained.  We believe that having a team that is licensed and trained is the best way to deliver on our promises.  We promise to take the time to understand your needs and be transparent in all our dealings with our customers.  We may not be perfect, but we will always work hard to make sure your needs are our number one priority.

We find the right personal insurance coverage for your needs.  We can provide personal insurance options that fit your individual needs.  That may mean a personal umbrella for added protection, competitive coverage for a vacation home, life insurance, disability insurance, or even mortgage protection coverage.  It may also mean we advise you to increase your deductibles on older vehicles.  If you have a custom home, we would recommend adding the feature to your homeowner’s insurance that is designed to provide the needed replacement coverage in the event of a loss.

Benefits of Working with an Independent Agent

  1. We represent many different markets. This allows us to bring you the best possible combination of coverage, price, and service.
  2. We are there to handle your claims. We will help you through the claims process.
  3. We have the services you need. We offer prompt and professional insurance services. You don’t get a recording or someone in another state. We care about you and will help you solve your problems.
  4. We are experienced. Our staff completes regular training on all the insurance products you need.
  5. Locally owned. Our agency is locally owned and operated. It is always better to buy local. You can stop by our office anytime and meet the team that services your account.
  6. Working through an independent agent does not increase your premiums.
  7. All your home insurance, auto insurance, RV insurance and business insurance can be handled in one place.

McCormick Insurance Professionals

This may be a good time to have us review your San Diego auto insurance. Having the correct San Diego auto insurance coverage and limits is very important in this litigious world.

Are you curious to know how you can save more by combining your auto and home insurance? (619) 276-0492. The Wayne McCormick Insurance team in San Diego is ready to serve you, and help you save on your auto, homeowners, condo or apartment building insurance



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