Pay Less For Auto Insurance In 2019

Are you paying too much for your auto insurance? If you believe you are paying too much for your current auto insurance coverage, then the following suggestions may help you save money: Let Us Shop Your Insurance Sure, you’ve read this tip everywhere, but it’s true. Only by having us shopping around for auto insurance coverage [...]

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The Hidden Dangers of “Permissive Use” Restrictions in Your Auto Insurance

One of the most frequent questions I get as an auto insurance agent is "who is insured to drive my car?" The Hidden Dangers of “Permissive Use” Restrictions in Your Auto Insurance Sometimes the answer to this question can be trickier than most people realize. If you never loan your car to others and you never will, [...]

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San Diego Insurance Premiums Reduced

No one likes paying more than they need to for home insurance, but it’s a necessary evil for most of us. This doesn’t mean you have to pay through the nose for it though – try these easy tips for cheaper home insurance and see how much you could reduce your premiums by. What Is Homeowners [...]