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We are blessed with good weather all year around. But the summer is a time when we all get out and take vacations, visit friends and family, explore, go boating more, hike, or just having fun. This is especially true after COVID-19 stay in orders. Whether you intend to take the summer off or your business is about to enter one of its busiest seasons, both individuals must protect themselves from unforeseen hazards that arise as summer is here.

In the summer months, there are common insurance needs that should be considered in the interest of mitigating risk and protecting your business family and other valuable assets from costly damage or claims.

Vacation Risk

You’re packing your personal belongings for a vacation or trip. You’d like to bring your laptop to work on while on the plane, but you’re worried it’ll be stolen. You’re undecided about leaving your wedding ring at home in case you lose it on the beach. In most cases, your San Diego homeowners or renter’s insurance contents/personal property coverage will cover your belongings even if you are not present at the time of loss. If the items on the contents list are listed, they are usually covered regardless of where they are stolen, lost, or damaged.

Wedding Insurance

Disasters can happen on your wedding day, especially with COVID-19 issues. Wedding insurance can help protect you and your investment against the unexpected, from a last-minute cancellation to stolen gifts to a ruined gown. It can also provide you wonderful peace of mind. Wedding insurance can cover; cancelation, wedding gifts, special attire, damage at the event, lost deposits, illness in the wedding party, and other expenses.


Your Home While You Are Gone

Your home insurance provides coverage while you are away, just as it would if you are at home. When families leave their homes during the summer to go on vacation or to visit friends, their homes are left unoccupied. This is the time of year when the number of burglaries tends to increase. Home burglary property loss is a common summer insurance claim. Keep some light on, tell your neighbors, stop the mail and garage, close your blinds, and lock your doors.

Insure Your Toys

Do you have a boat, motorcycle, or RV for your summer fun? In almost all cases, supplemental insurance is required for complete protection. Please don’t leave your toys unprotected; they’re worth more than you might think.

Consider An Umbrella Policy

While traveling or on vacation, whether at home, on the road, or in a foreign country, anything can happen. An umbrella policy is the best way to protect against any and all liability concerns. This will provide limits above your homeowner’s insurance liability and auto insurance. Umbrella policies provide the needed coverage at the lowest cost.

Allowing risks and mishaps to ruin your summer vacation, trip or fun, is not a good idea. With the correct personal insurance and preventative precautions, you can protect your family, your house, and your assets. Not sure how you can fully protect your summer fun, travels or vacation? Call us today.

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