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You’ve worked hard to earn your lifestyle. Consider adding additional liability protection to your San Diego auto, home, renters or condo policy. Personal umbrella liability coverage added to your other policies can protect you, your spouse and any relatives living in your home for $1 million or more.

Uncertainty is one of life’s biggest certainties. Your dog may bite the child of your next-door neighbor. A pedestrian could be hit by your teen driver. A visitor could trip and fall down your deck. A multi-car accident as a result of your negligence. You could also be held accountable to others for damages like as injury, property damage, mental distress, lost pay, and more.

It’s a good thing you’re covered by insurance. But what if your primary home or auto policy only covers $300,000 (or your primary limits) in liability, and you’re found liable for $1 million in a lawsuit? There’s still $700,000 to pay. How will you deal with it? If you have a personal umbrella insurance and your policy covers the occurrence, your policy will cover the additional $700,000. If not, it will come from current assets like your home and savings, as well as future assets like your earnings or inheritance.

Personal umbrella plans typically provide liability coverage of one to five million dollars. When choosing your coverage, keep in mind your net worth: you might be sued for all you own.

Stand-alone insurance is not an umbrella policy. In order to purchase umbrella insurance, your insurance carrier will usually require you to meet certain requirements, such as having an auto policy with a particular level of liability coverage.

Even if you have umbrella insurance, your primary line of defense is your auto or home insurance. For example, if you are liable for $2 million in a car accident and your liability insurance only covers $500,000, your auto coverage only covers the first $500,000. If your umbrella policy covers the occurrence and you acquired that much coverage, your umbrella policy will cover the remaining $1.5 million. If your homes insurance covers $300,000 and you are liable for $250,000 in an accident on your property, you won’t need an umbrella policy.

If you have a motorcycle, ATV, golf cart, snowmobile, motorhome, or watercraft, your umbrella insurance may give additional liability coverage. Check with your local agent to be sure you’re covered for these types of automobiles. A personal umbrella policy covers typically all members of your family who live in your home.

An umbrella policy, in essence, provides additional liability coverage over and beyond your home and auto insurance. You’ll need it if you’re at fault in a catastrophic collision.

Personal liability coverage is also provided by umbrella insurance in situations where other policies may not. Driving in a rented vehicle, boat, or volunteering are other examples. It can also provide coverage for claims that may be excluded by the primary policies.

When You May Need A Personal Umbrella Policy If You

  • Own property
  • Own a Boat, RV, or ATV
  • Have a high net worth
  • Own a business
  • Volunteer
  • Have a 401K or retirement savings
  • Having teen drivers
  • Own a swimming pool, trampoline, or swing-set


In addition, the umbrella may cover things like volunteer activities, statements made online, and certain business activities that a homeowner’s or auto policy might not cover.

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