Spring has Sprung – Motorcycles are Everywhere

Spring has Sprung – Motorcycles are Everywhere

Do you ride? Are you conscious of the fact that there are two wheeled vehicles on the road that are not as easy to see as the four wheeled automobiles you’re used to looking out for? We here at McCormick Insurance Solutions have, unfortunately, seen our share of needless motorcycle accidents over the years, usually caused by careless motorists not seeing a smaller vehicle when they change lanes or cut into moving traffic. As one of the leading providers of San Diego auto insurance, we know these situations are never pleasant, either for the driver of the car or the motorcyclist, who is often hurt badly.

Please be aware that its spring and there are motorcycles everywhere. Pay a little more attention when you’re changing lanes. A motorcycle can sit in your blind spot much easier than a car can, so take the extra precaution of turning your head to physically look if you’re unsure. Relying on only mirrors leads to a number of accidents. If you know you have blind spots, don’t just expect other travelers to take their own precautions. It’s your responsibility to be more vigilant.

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), those who ride motorcycles are 37% more likely to be in a fatal accident than those who drive cars. For a careless motorist, that means the likelihood of committing a vehicular homicide when hitting a motorcycle is much higher than when you get into a fender bender with another car, though the speeds and impact levels are roughly the same. The NHTSA also reported that there were over 100,000 motorcycle accidents in the United States last year alone, our primary reason for this plea today.

San Diego sees motorcycles year round due to our climate conditions rarely being inhospitable to outdoor activities, but this time of year we see an increase in riders throughout California. We’re also seeing a number of new applications for motorcycle insurance, many from customers who currently hold San Diego auto insurance policies, homeowners insurance, or life insurance policies. If you are planning on becoming a motorcycle owner for the first time this year or if you are a long-time owner looking for a new policy, call us and ask about our motorcycle insurance and bundle options.

Motorcycles are everywhere. You’ve all seen the bumper stickers. Please keep in mind that on the back of each motorcycle is a human being, someone’s son or daughter, brother or sister, perhaps a mother or father. Pay attention when you’re changing lanes or speeding down the highway to your destination. Put the cell phone down, stop doing your make-up in the mirror, and be conscious that there are other motorists on the road, some with four wheels and some with two. Those with two might not survive if you hit them. Don’t put your or their family in that predicament.

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