More than just Auto, Home, and Life Insurance

More than just Auto, Home, and Life Insurance

McCormick Insurance Solutions wants to be the company you call for all of your insurance needs. To attain that goal, we need to offer more than just auto, home, and our San Diego life insurance policies. Those are our staples, but your insurance needs are often for other more specific times in your life, like when you get married or when you travel aboard. Are you insured for those occurrences? Did you even know that insurance is available to cover you for these joyful occasions? Here at McCormick Insurance we have multiple options for you.

Weddings are expensive, but when done correctly they’re worth every dime you spend on them. A properly planned ceremony, reception, and honeymoon after the wedding are all memories you’ll keep for a lifetime. The same can be said if these times are improperly planned or if unforeseen problems occur. We’re not talking about Aunt Mabel getting stuck at the airport. What happens if an act of nature destroys an outdoor setting or your gifts get stolen or misplaced? Are you covered for these disasters?

Wedding insurance is just one of the many instance-specific forms of coverage we offer for those times in your life when life is changing and risk is greater. Its wedding insurance for a small piece of your life, a time when absolutely everything has to go right or you’ll be scarred and traumatized for years to come. We offer it so that you and your family can enjoy that special day and look back on it with a smile. Hopefully Aunt Mabel will be able to share that with you. Unfortunately, we can’t insure connecting flight times.

Are you planning a honeymoon after your wedding? We also offer Mexico Insurance in the event you’re planning on going down to enjoy some sand and surf south of the border. Our partners over at can have you hooked up in minutes with insurance for your auto, SUV, motorcycle, truck or van. Trust and believe, when you get down there you will not want to have to deal with an accident or breakdown without auto insurance. Protect yourself and have a great time, no matter what happens.

Insurance isn’t an option; it’s a necessity. Whether you’re in the market for the basics – auto, home, and life insurance – or need a policy for a more specific occasion, McCormick Insurance Solutions has what you need. Contact us today to learn more and make sure you ask about Umbrella Insurance coverage when you do. As a San Diego insurance provider we like to make sure that not only do we have the policies our customers need, but that we reward them for their loyal patronage. You can save by combining insurance policies with us. Then you can afford that wedding and honeymoon in Mexico. Wouldn’t that be nice? Call us today.

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