Why should you invest in San Diego Homeowners Insurance?

Why should you invest in San Diego Homeowners Insurance?

There are a plethora of reasons why you should invest in San Diego homeowners insurance, and not all of them are financial. Peace of mind is worth something, as is the safety of your loved ones. When you buy that first home, you feel a feeling of accomplishment that comes from few other events you will experience in life. Do you know how it feels to have that home damaged or destroyed by Mother Nature? There are hundreds of homeowners made homeless by this year’s wildfires in New Mexico, Wyoming, and Colorado who can tell you about that.

Putting aside the doom and gloom predictions, we’d like to point out a few everyday scenarios that emphasize a need for San Diego homeowners insurance. The first is the “accidental automobile damage to a home” reason. You’ve all seen the commercial with the guy whose car is hung up inside one of the walls of his garage. That’s a little far-fetched, but you’d be surprised how many homeowner claims come in for damage done by automobiles. In most cases it’s covered by a good San Diego auto insurance policy, but in some cases the homeowner’s policy needs to cover it.

Reason number two to invest in San Diego homeowners insurance is what we like to call the “Natural Causes” occurrences. A wildfire or earthquake can fall into this category, but far more common situations revolve around simple acts of Mother Nature such as falling tree limbs, basement flooding, and wind-blown debris in non-hurricane force storms. If you own your home for just a decade you’ll be dealing with all of these at least once. Do you have the insurance policy to cover damages? Sit down with one of our experts at McCormick Insurance Solutions to find out.

Are you married with children? Look at your family and you’ll see the number one reason why you should invest in San Diego homeowners insurance. Damage to your home could be dangerous to your children, may necessitate evacuation, and will cause you intense financial unmanageability if it happens when you don’t have adequate insurance. Can you afford to go through something like that in this economy? Even if you are financially prosperous and secure, do you really want to take out of pocket for home repairs? If you’re covered by the right policy, you don’t have to worry about that.

Banks and mortgage brokers require that you purchase homeowners insurance when you first buy your home. It protects their investment, since they technically own your property until you pay it off. If you’re reading this and you have one of those mandatory policies, you may feel that you’re all set. Don’t get lulled into complacency because you have the “bank recommended” policy. For a comprehensive explanation and a list of your options for better San Diego homeowner’s insurance, contact us here at McCormick Insurance Solutions. We have the answers, and the right policy, that you need.

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