Jack-o-Lanterns, Deep Fried Turkeys, and Christmas Trees

Jack-o-Lanterns, Deep Fried Turkeys, and Christmas Trees

Does the title of this article make you think fondly ahead of the holiday season to come? It’s actually a list of causes for the top holiday fire hazards in San Diego, potential disasters that could result in a claim on your home insurance policy. Think of it again as pumpkins on fire, turkeys boiling in oil, and electric lights strung across flammable wood or plastic. That may not seem to be in the holiday spirit, but doing some homework now to prevent accidents will keep your little monsters, young pilgrims, and Santa’s helpers safer this year. It’s the end of September. Are you prepared for the holiday season?

Halloween arrives first. Jack-o-Lanterns are generally safe if you leave thick walls in place where you don’t have any holes. Some carvers choose to peel away more of the insides to create a shading effect. Be careful that you don’t go too far. A thin-walled pumpkin left unattended with a burning candle inside could easily cause a fire, especially if it’s on a flammable surface or outside in the wind. Be sure to only place a Jack-o-Lantern where you can see it and don’t let it burn too long. Using battery operated lighting, though non-traditional, is a safer option if you have small children.

Thanksgiving Dinner and Yuletide Traditions

By now all of you have seen the insurance commercial about the deep fried turkey. Two million people deep fry turkeys every year. Fifteen burned their houses down last year. If you’re a San Diego homeowner in that situation, it will be nice to have home insurance to cover your losses, unless you’re found negligent or don’t have the proper coverage. Contact us here at McCormick Insurance Solutions and schedule an evaluation. Our number is 619-276-0492. Please don’t ask us how to cook the turkey though. Our specialty is insurance.

Finally, and this should be no surprise to anyone, many of the homeowners insurance claims we see around the holidays are related to problems around the Christmas tree. What is surprising is that very few of these incidents are the result of the tree catching on fire, and when it does it’s usually an artificial tree, not a real one. Douglas firs and Utah spruce trees don’t burn easily. What we do see is problems with too many plugs in one outlet and fires from exposed wires going to power strips. Please replace your extension cords and surge protectors.

The holidays should be enjoyed. Have fun carving pumpkins with your children, savor the taste of that deep-fried turkey, and spend some time with family decorating the Christmas tree. These are all time-honored traditions that at most times are safe and happy occasions for everyone. Sadly, sometimes these events end in tragedy, and usually that tragedy can be prevented. Be smart this year, practice safety first, and call us to have your homeowners insurance checked for coverage and liability. Our phone number once again is 619-276-0492.

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