Do You Need High Risk Auto Insurance?

Do You Need High Risk Auto Insurance?

There are many reasons why you may need special attention when it comes to high risk auto insurance. It could be you have a few tickets, need a California SR22,you are a teen driver, or you are a senior. Whatever the reason call McCormick Insurance Solutions in San Diego today.

Each of these high risk situations comes with special needs.  We can help you understand the kind of San Diego auto insurance you need, then provide auto insurance options for you.

Teen Drivers

There are many different considerations when purchasing auto insurance for your San Diego teenager. There is no question age and driving experience will help determine the rates that auto insurance companies charge. McCormick Insurance Solutions has a number of insurers to select from giving you the best possible combination of pricing and coverage. Whether you are adding your teen driver to your policy, or you have purchased a car for your teenager, McCormick Insurance Solutions can help you.

Had Too Many Tickets?

McCormick Insurance Solutions has options for you to consider regarding your San Diego auto insurance. It might be reasonable to redesign your coverage by increasing deductibles, or removing certain coverage like rental car coverage. We might consider using a non-standard auto insurance market for a short time.

Senior Drivers

We want to give senior drivers the same quality service as we do all our other clients who purchase San Diego auto insurance. Senior citizens, like everyone else, want high-quality, comprehensive and affordable San Diego auto insurance coverage. There is no reason why senior drivers can’t have an auto insurance program that meets their unique needs.

Whatever your driving situation, McCormick Insurance Solutions has the right selection of products and services to meet all your San Diego auto insurance needs. Call us today!

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