My Brother Just Wrecked My Car!

bf6656999Questions Regarding Letting Someone Borrow Your Car

Your brother needed to borrow your car for the day and got into an accident. Do you understand how your San Diego auto insurance will apply in these situations? It is important to understand how “at-fault” accidents affect your auto insurance.

San Diego Personal Auto Insurance

It is generally agreed that the auto insurance on the vehicle in question will be the auto insurance that applies to an at-fault accident.  So, if your brother borrowed your car and gets into an at-fault accident, your auto insurance will apply; this is assuming you have collision and comprehensive coverage. Remember, the coverage and terms on that vehicle will apply including the deductible, limits, and any other conditions within the policy.

Will The Auto Accident Go on My Record?

If your auto insurance company pays out per the terms of your policy, yes, the accident will be recorded on your record. If there is a ticket given to the driver, it will go on the driver’s DMV report.

Will My Auto Deductible Apply?

If your auto insurance policy pays the claim, any deductible you have will apply, and you will be responsible for that.

Does This Impact My Auto Premiums?

All auto insurance companies base their rates on accident history (only one of many areas). When you allow another driver to use your car, you are taking the risk and responsibility for that driver.

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