What Should Every Driver Know About Excluded Drivers?

What Should Every Driver Know About Excluded Drivers?

Personal auto insurance policies have specific conditions regarding who is an included and who is an excluded driver. Family vehicles are often shared within a family or household for many different reasons. Auto policies can be written to cover a wide range of divers and situations, but your agent must know your individual situation in order to provide the best possible auto insurance policy.

Auto liability coverage provides protection in the event you injure a third party while driving. Serious injury or death from a car accident is devastating to the injured person or deceased person’s family, both emotionally and financially.

Auto Insurance Requirements

Most insurance companies require you to identify all the “regular” drivers on any given automobile. Excluded drivers can include:

  • Teenagers without a license
  • A family member visiting
  • A family member (grandparent) who may live with you
  • Someone with a disability in your home

Automobile insurance is all about balancing the risks of drivers and vehicles.  Making sure excluded drivers are accounted for, is part of that risk assessment.

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