Did You Know These Damages Are Covered Under A Standard Auto Policy?

Did You Know These Damages Are Covered Under A Standard Auto Policy?

No one wants to get into an auto accident, but when you do, it is nice to have auto insurance to help you through the aggravation.  Auto insurance can come in many different forms, and we can design an auto insurance policy for your needs that offers you the best possible combination of coverage, price, and service.

Auto insurance policies can offer a few good surprises regarding coverage.  Remember, each policy is different, but generally, the following damages are covered under a standard auto policy.

Auto Insurance Coverages

  • Water Damage – Damage due to flooding or rain can be included in your auto policy. With any comprehensive or collision claim, your claim check will be reduced by your deductible amount.
  • Riot – If your vehicle gets into the middle of a demonstration or riot and is damaged, your comprehensive insurance will cover any damage subject to your deductible. If you have comprehensive coverage, shattered windows, scratches, dents from kicking feet, and other forms of riot-based vandalism, are covered.
  • Lost Wages – If injuries from a car accident cause you to miss work, your car insurance may be able to help get back some, or all, the wages you lose. This benefit is part of personal injury protection, which covers injuries for you and your passengers regardless of who caused the crash.
  • Auto Insurance Coverage Options

Here are other unique options you might want to consider when purchasing auto insurance. These usually cost more, but might be an option.

  • New Car Replacement – This coverage usually will provide the cost of a new car (one year removed) if your auto is totaled.
  • Vanishing Deductible – Under these so-called deductible-credit plans, the deductible diminishes year by year for policyholders who don’t have a claim.

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