Let’s Talk a Little About San Diego Commercial Insurance

San Diego Commercial Insurance Options - Liability, Workers Comp, Property Insurance

Let’s Talk a Little About San Diego Commercial Insurance

If you’ve been reading our blog consistently, you know that we offer San Diego Auto Insurance, San Diego Life Insurance, and San Diego Homeowners Insurance, but did you know that we also sell San Diego Commercial Insurance? If you’re a business owner in need of liability, general liability, or property insurance, you have come to the right place. McCormick Insurance Solutions offers a wide range of insurance options for small, medium, and large scale businesses. If you know what you need, call (619) 276-0492 right now and one of our agents will get the paperwork started.

If you’re unsure of what your insurance requirements are, read the rest of this post and then call us. There are three basics types of commercial insurance recommended, and often required, for doing business in Southern California. The first, and most important if you have employees, is Workers’ Compensation Insurance. All businesses in California with one or more employees are required to have Workers Comp. In the event of an injury or accident, it covers medical care, temporary and permanent disability benefits, vocational rehab, and death benefits (if needed) for the employee.

Businesses operating without Workers’ Compensation Insurance can find themselves in serious trouble if an accident or injury occurs on the job. Workers are entitled to coverage, so claims against an uninsured company can lead to a civil lawsuit and severe penalties from the state. Contractors just starting out often neglect to secure a workers’ comp policy before starting work, hoping to cut some of the start-up costs down. They hire 1099 workers instead of traditional employees, thinking this bypasses the state requirements. It doesn’t. In cases of injury, these companies learn that their definition of an employee doesn’t match that of the states.

Liability insurance is equally important. It provides much of the same coverage to third parties that workers’ comp insurance offers to employees. General liability insurance is also required by California state law, though the amounts of that liability coverage vary from industry to industry. General liability will pay for medical expenses and litigation costs in the event of a third party injury. Another type of insurance, Public Liability, will pay for third party property damage. Both are required by law and both are available here at McCormick Insurance Solutions. Call us today for a quote at (619) 276-0492.

A third form of commercial insurance that is recommended but not required is property insurance. Your public liability will cover property damage to another. Property insurance covers your own, even if you’re leasing or renting it from someone else. Most San Diego commercial landlords require it in order to offer a lease or rental agreement. If not, you should get it anyway. It’s affordable, it’s practical, and coming to McCormick Insurance Solutions to sign up for it will give you a chance to check out the latest San Diego auto insurance, San Diego life insurance, and San Diego home insurance rates.

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