We Believe Insurance Is a Promise

  There are so many different ways to buy personal insurance.  You can purchase personal insurance online, from a captive agent, or an independent agent like us.  The idea of insurance being a promise may be new to many people, [...]

We Help You Manage Your Auto Insurance

A San Diego Auto Insurance Update Using an agent is the best way to shop for auto insurance. San Diego Auto Insurance is the perfect solution to protect yourself and your family.  Auto insurance can also protect you from car [...]

Some Very Uncommon Risks That Are Important to Consider

Electric Scooters Electric scooters are popping up in cities across America, but they have been popular in Europe for years.  We are at the beginning of this new form of personal transportation, which creates a few questions regarding risk, liability, [...]

Great Ideas To Help You With Your San Diego Insurance

We get questions every day from clients asking us how they can save money without jeopardizing the personal insurance coverage they need. This is a great question, and we can offer several ways to help you manage your insurance dollars. [...]

Good Reasons To Call Your Insurance Agent

San Diego Home and Auto Insurance Update You buy home and auto insurance to protect you when and or if an accident happens. And when you have an accident, you want your personal insurance to respond. If it has been [...]

We Offer All Kinds Of San Diego Insurance Products

  You need the right kind of classic car insurance to protect your investment. Standard insurance may not be right for your collector car. We can protect your valuable asset with classic car insurance. There are some special classic auto [...]

2020 Insurance Planning

San Diego Personal Insurance Your home will be one of the most significant investments you will ever make, both economically and emotionally. Your family will spend countless hours there, among some of your most prized possessions. In the event of [...]

Insurance For San Diego Motorcycles, Boats And RV’s

Most people in the San Diego area love their motorcycle, ATV, and other toys. But it is important to have the proper insurance in order to protect yourself. Here are a few ideas for you to consider while you enjoy [...]

Does Our Sharing Economy Create New Risks?

It seems that in today’s world, we are using sharing our homes and cars with total strangers. The questions that need to be asked are; does this create new risks, and how do I make sure there is proper insurance [...]

Personal Insurance Products For Holiday Season

Tis The Season As we approach the holiday season, we thought it might be good to provide you with a few insurance tips on how to protect yourself and your family during this season. The holiday season usually sees an [...]

What Causes My Personal Insurance Premiums To Go Up?

A SanDiego Personal Insurance Update Everyone needs personal insurance to protect them from unknown accidents and claims. Personal insurance can include; homeowner’s insurance, renters, condo owners, auto, boat, personal umbrella, vacation rental, RV, motorcycle, identity theft, and much more. Premiums [...]

How to Get the Most out of Your San Diego Homeowner’s Insurance

How to Get the Most out of Your San Diego Homeowner's Insurance A San Diego Homeowner's Insurance Update Most people only think about their homeowner's insurance once a year when the policy renews, or if they have a claim. But [...]

Disaster Preparation Can Save your Life

Disaster Preparation Can Save your Life We have watched the devastation of hurricane Dorian in recent days. We have also witnessed first hand California wildfires and the losses they have caused. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those [...]

There Are Good Reasons To Call Your Agent

There Are Good Reasons To Call Your Agent We have found that as you live your life there are changes that occur in which you should let your insurance agent know about. Let’s face it, your life changes; you get [...]

San Diego, Are You Fully Covered?

A California Personal Insurance Update Like most people, you most likely purchase auto insurance, home insurance, and or renters insurance to protect you in the event of an unforeseen loss. But if you really think about it, there are many [...]

McCormick Insurance The San Diego Homeowners Insurance Professionals

If you own or rent, it is vital to have the right renters or homeowner’s insurance. Homeowners insurance protect your assists and provide liability protection in the event you cause injury to another person. Homeowners may be required of you [...]

San Diego Home Insurance Questions Answered

Your San Diego home will be one of the most significant investments you will ever make, both economically and emotionally. Your family will spend countless hours there, among some of your most prized possessions. In the event of any misfortune, [...]

California Disaster Preparation

California offers many lifestyle advantages including; warm weather, access to lakes, camping, and the ocean. But as you know, there are also many risks of living in this region. Recently we have suffered major wildfires but also have the risk [...]

Drive Safely This Summer

San Diego Auto Insurance Summertime can be very dangerous when it comes to driving. According to the AAA, over 3,500 people are killed during Memorial Day and Labor Day.  A large number of auto accidents involve drivers between the ages [...]

The McCormick Insurance Agency Should Be Your Choice

As an insurance buyer, you have many options relating to how you buy your insurance. We hope to provide some interesting factors that we hope will help you in your quest for the best possible combination of coverage, price, and [...]

Get More From Your San Diego Home Insurance

Everyone who owns a home buys homeowner’s insurance to cover the dwelling and some level of coverage for personal property. But homeowner’s insurance and renter’s insurance can offer many additional benefits other than for just coverage for the dwelling and [...]

Make This Summer Fun And Safe

San Diego Personal Insurance Summer is filled with many activities that bring your family together.  However, nothing can turn a summer outing into a disaster faster than an accident or having your home burglarized while you are away.  Your personal [...]

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